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04th Nov 2022

Princess Diana fashion searches surge ahead of The Crown season 5

Sarah McKenna Barry

She continues to inspire.

As the season five of The Crown draws closer and closer, it seems fans are getting into the spirit by channeling Princess Diana’s sartorial choices.

Indeed, the Princess of Wales was nothing short of a fashion icon in her life, and as her story gets told time and time again, viewers remain inspired by her style.

From her sweatshirt and bike shorts combo to her smart suits and *that* revenge dress, it seems Diana’s fashion choices continue to strike a chord, and it’s clear that film and TV shows about the Princess of Wales have a role to play here.

Analysis from Pour Moi, a clothing retailer discovered that since Netflix dropped the first images of Elizabeth Debicki as Diana three months ago, online searches for ‘Princess Diana fashion’ rose by a a whopping 400%.

But it wasn’t just the overall vibe or aesthetic fans were looking for, they also got specific.

While you might have thought that searches for Diana’s black dress may have been at the top of the list, it turns out that searches for ‘Princess Diana sheep jumper’ saw the biggest jump in searches, with an increase of 367%, while her black revenge dress had an increase of 200%.

The full breakdown of individual searches is as follows:

  1. Princess Diana sheep jumper (+367%)
  2. Oversized sweater (+313%)
  3. Red puffer jacket (+285%)
  4. Princess Diana red dress (+265%)
  5. Princess Diana tartan dress (+236%)
  6. Black revenge dress (+200%)
  7. Sweater and blazer (+200%)
  8. Princess Diana mom jeans (+100%)
  9. Princess Diana striped trousers (+50%)
  10. Princess Diana cycling shorts (+49%)

No doubt we’re bound to see these figures jump when season five of The Crown finally lands on Netflix on 9 November. In this instalment, the role of Diana will be played by Elizabeth Debicki, who has taken over from Emma Corrin. Prince Charles will be played by Dominic West, while Imelda Staunton will portray Queen Elizabeth II.