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09th Feb 2024

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Peplums are back and they’re better than ever

Jody Coffey


Trust me, the peplum is not how we remember it.

We may only be in February, but Copenhagen Fashion Week revealed some of the predicted fashion trends for A/W24.

The city is well on its way to solidifying itself as a fashion capital, measuring up to that of Milan, New York, Paris, and London.

During its first Fashion Week of the year, the catwalk pretty much confirmed that several fashion trends are about to make their way back into wardrobes.

Like it or not, one of those is the peplum.

Cast your mind back to the early 2010s, a time when the peplum was enjoying a brief resurgence in popularity

Many of us loved a peplum top or dress, but the staple went out of fashion and we haven’t seen it much since, and if we’re honest, we were happy to see it go.

The style, it seems, is back, but before you cringe at the idea, let it be known that the peplum has very much undergone a glow-up, a modern-day revamp, if you will.

If CPHFW is anything to go by, peplums are back to right their wrongs.

Peplums make their return, but in a softer, more delicate kind of way, one where it steals focus for the right reasons.

Her ruffle hem no longer appears on a stretched fabric with a mesh neckline.

During the ROTATE and REMAIN Birger Christensen shows, we now see the peplum as a fashion-forward choice that can be worn as a co-ord or the focal piece in the most inspiring of materials.

Remain show, Copenhagen Fashion Week AW24. Credit: Getty

Much like ROTATE, Stine Goya also featured the denim peplum.

However, this fashion brand paired it with a matching denim knee-length skirt and jeans, with an added feature placed at the trademark pulled-in waistline: a belt.

This further proved that the peplum has a newfound versatility, making it a deserved resurgence.

CPHFW Stine Goya A/W 24. Credit: Stine Goya @stinegoyastudio

When affordable fashion brands inevitably catch on and lean into this revived trend, the peplum will have a special place in my wardrobe.

She’s back and she’s better than ever, truly.


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