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29th Jan 2024

Can we all agree that the ‘high-rise bikini’ trend should be abandoned before it even takes off?

Jody Coffey

bikini trend

It’s a no from me.

While we all wrap up and fill our hot water bottles every evening, a worrying fashion trend is emerging in the celebrity world.

As the likes of Kendall Jenner, Maura Higgins, and Maya Jama – to name a few – bask under the sun rays far away from the cold weather, the world is taking note of a beachwear fashion fad.

Just as we have all but outlawed high-rise jeans, high-rise bikinis are now expected to take over beachwear trends.

If you’re unfamiliar with the look, the way to achieve this is to yank the front and back of the bottoms up as high as possible by pulling the waist strings up above the hips.

Yes, it looks sensational on the celebs who have debuted the trend, and maybe it’s just me, but is this not an unrealistic, if not painful, way to wear swimwear?

It seems it’s not just me.

This trend is potentially setting people up for disappointment and feelings of insecurity.

Celebrity stylist Lalla Bronshtein says the trend takes a village to look the way it does in photographs, making it unrealistic and unachievable.

“The High rise trend is the new celebrity trend of 2024,” Lalla tells The Sun.

“Instead of celebrities wearing their bikini bottoms around their waist, they are pulling them as high as possible, which is allowing a lot of skin to be on show.

“But there’s a lot of background work in these photos to make them appear to be so picture perfect.”

The stylist adds that A-listers and reality stars can avail of a whole team of ‘professional photographers, extremely good lighting, makeup artists, a fashion team and editing softwares’ – things the everyday girl does not have access to.

“This is ultimately why the celebrities don’t have their hair in the wrong place, or are spilling out in places you’d never want to be spilling out from.

“For these types of bikinis you’ll need good angles and different styles of cover ups to make it work, such as kimono, sarongs, crochet shorts to lace dresses.”

It’s not that we aren’t delighted that our famous sisters can embrace their bodies and look immaculate while doing so (also, even more power to the gals who rock this on beaches at home and abroad this summer).

The issue lies in the fact that it looks effortless, giving the illusion that can be emulated as easily for the everyday girl.

Again, maybe it’s just me, but the beach can be daunting enough at times without high-rise bikinis being something that needs to be done in order to ‘on-trend’.