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18th Oct 2018

Penneys is selling €20 Grinch onesies for your fella and that’s his present sorted



We all know the Grinch is one of the best Christmas movies ever. Like it’s not on par with Elf or The Holiday BUT, it’s certainly up there and one we always put on come the festive season.

And what better way to pay tribute to the movie than by dressing up your other half just like the anti-festive character.

Not only do these onesies look super cosy, but we’re also totally obsessed with the hood featuring the Grinch’s face and Santa hat.

Again, iconic.

Penneys – €20

To be honest, this looks like something we will end up stealing off them but it’s the thought that counts, right? Right.

And while we’re not quite ready to talk about the festive season, it is fast approaching and you can’t but avoid it once you step into any of the high-street shops.

There are glitter and sparkles in abundance and while it is ridiculously early to even mention the word Christmas and we are NOT ready, we can start to prep our outfits nonetheless.

That starts with picking up some bits and pieces that will slot easily into your current wardrobe while also adding a festive, fun touch.

I’m planning on starting with these metallic Penneys pants because let’s be honest, they’re seriously cool.

Penneys – €16

Glam. Penneys will be getting a visit at the weekend.

Something for him, something for me, it’s all about that balance.