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26th Jun 2017

From Penneys to Asos… we can’t get enough of pom pom runners

We'll take all the pairs of pom pom runners, thanks

Joshua Sanders introduced its fur and leather pom poms to the catwalks last year – and pretty quickly the High Street followed.

We’re very glad of that too: because while the designer version originally cost a rather steep €485 (PS now has marked them down to €289), the likes of Asos, River Island, and Primark have far more affordable alternatives.


So if you’re feeling in a pom-pom kinda place, may we introduce the following for your footwear consideration…


1) Grey fluffy slip-on plimsolls | River Island | €37

pom pom runners

2) Pom pom trainers | Penneys | €16

3) Pink satin slip-on pumps | | £13

Pom pom runners

4) Dandelion pom pom trainers | Asos | €38

5) CAPTIVE Pom Pom Trainers | | €20