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31st Mar 2018

Marble effect wallpaper exists and we want to decorate our whole house with it

Jade Hayden

marble wallpaper

OK, need.

Everybody loves a bit of marbling effect.

Whether it’s on a table, on your phone cover, or in that dodgy nightclub you spent far too many hours in last night, marbling has the ability to make even the most questionable of venues look fancy AF

Generally though, it’s expensive.

Even fake marble is more than we’d be willing to pay for a bit of extra class in our lives, not gonna lie.

As it turns out though, this doesn’t really matter at all because marble effect wallpaper exists and we’re going to decorate our entire house with it.

Think sitting room, think dining room, think bathroom, think shed if you really want to because this stuff will most likely look great everywhere.

Handmade by Murals Wallpaper, these stunning designs are trying to bring DIY culture back into the modern day and create some incredible spaces while they’re at it.

The art used in the wallpaper is high-quality while also designed specifically for use in large-scale spaces like walls and vast open rooms.

Marble effects have been around the centuries but it’s fairly unlikely that a whole load of people have been using it as wallpaper in their house until now.

The textures and patterns have all been handcrafted too so you know you’re getting something that’s super unique.

The company’s Head Designer, Catherine Jacob, says:

“The beautiful thing about marbling is that a design is produced that is entirely unique to the designer. It’s a reactive design process where everything is created in the moment, and sealed when the paper touches the ink.”

These marble effect wallpaper rolls aren’t all that expensive either, starting at about €31 per square metre.

Definitely cheaper than hauling a load of marble into your gaff anyway.

You can check out the collection here.