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17th May 2024

‘It was like the universe was telling me something’ – Anita Donoghue on founding Irish supplement brand Annutri

Sophie Collins


“I was a single mom and I’m going to be honest, I was kind of waiting around for somebody to save me for a long time”

Annutri, an Irish supplement and hair care brand, is making waves in the beauty industry with its innovative approach to hair and skin health. 

Founded by Anita Donoghue, Annutri offers a unique blend of supplements and oils designed to nourish from within.

Anita embarked on an impressive journey from beauty therapy to entrepreneur and has captivated customers from across the globe with their effective products.

Beauty Therapy to Entrepreneurship

Anita Donoghue’s career began as a beauty therapist. Reflecting on her early days, she says, “I was a single mom and I’m going to be honest, I was kind of waiting around for somebody to save me for a long time and I was very down, very depressed and I ended up getting an opportunity – because I’m from the city centre – to go back to college and I went back to college and then started managing in the beauty industry, hair and beauty industry.”

Her resilience and passion for making people feel good led her through various roles, even during economic downturns. 

“I think it was the last recession and the place I was working closed down and I ended up being a manager in the health and supplements industry and I did have for 6 years. 

“I kind of felt like, where the hell am I going with this career, but it was still about making people feel good and I was doing the exact same thing just in a different industry,” she recalls.

Her transition from the beauty industry to the health and supplements industry, and then back to beauty, culminated in the creation of her own hair salon. 

It was at a hair event, inspired by a motivational speaker from the fitness and supplement industry, that Anita found her true calling. 

“I had this burning desire… it was like the universe telling me something,” she says, marking the moment the idea of Annutri was conceived.

The Birth of Annutri

Annutri, a name derived from “Anita with nutrients,” symbolises nourishment from within. 

Anita Donoghue
Anita Donoghue

Anita and her business partner, with 28 years of experience in the supplement industry, identified a gap in the market. 

They realised that topical treatments given to customers in the salon space only masked underlying issues. 

“I just thought ‘oh god that’s a space’. You know, in hair salons were topically putting stuff on the hair, and that’s just masking an underlying issue, because gray hair and skin quality comes from within. If you’re really think about it, the first place you see sickness is on your hair and skin and that’s because the way the Body Works,” Anita explains.

Their products, which include supplements as the core offering and oils as enhancers, focus on internal health to improve external beauty. 

“The supplements are the stable product and then the oils are enhancers of the supplements,” she says.

Commitment to Quality and Community

Annutri prides itself on producing high-quality products locally. 

“We decided to produce the manufacturing in Ireland and it’s so important where economic fabric is concerned,” Anita states. 

This local approach fosters a sense of camaraderie and excitement among Irish companies involved in the production process. 

“There’s a real camaraderie in that because they’re equally excited about your product because it’s an Irish product.”

The effectiveness of Annutri’s products is backed by real testimonials from Irish customers, not models. 

Anita shares, “All of our products actually work. The before and after testimonials are from real Irish people,” and even high-profile clients, including Roz Purcell, attest to the brand’s effective products.

Transforming Lives

Annutri’s influence extends beyond aesthetics. The brand has received heartfelt feedback from customers worldwide, particularly from those recovering from serious illnesses. 

“We get loads of emails from people post-cancer. We’re changing their lives because hair and your skin is so important and especially to women,” Anita says.

Annutri’s products are now in demand globally, but the support from Ireland remains a cornerstone of their success. 

“We get orders from all around the world now but Ireland has really got behind us,” Anita remarks, emphasising the brand’s deep roots and strong community support.

Annutri stands as a testament to Anita Donoghue’s vision and dedication. 

From humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazer in hair and beauty supplements, Annutri continues to thrive, transforming lives with every product.