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03rd Jan 2023

Magpie moments: why ‘dopamine dressing’ is in right now

Look good, feel good.

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to dull your shine, particularly when it comes to how you dress.

Brightening up your outfits with some sequins and shine is set to be a major trend for 2023, and it may help us feel good as well as look good.

Dubbed ‘magpie moments’ or ‘dopamine dressing’, the trend involves incorporating items we normally reserve for parties and special occasions into our everyday outfits, with the intention of improving our mood.

One clinical psychologist to acknowledge the possible benefits of introducing everyday sparkle is Dr Jo Gee, who teamed up with the fashion experts at Oliver Bonas to break down everything we know so far about the trend.

“Partywear and sparkle can activate the release of dopamine, our feel-good transmitter,” says Dr Gee. “Our perception of feeling glamorous, can not only bring feelings of joy and excitement from the dopamine hit but also leads to more confident, adventurous behaviours, which through our body’s biofeedback mechanism, releases more feel-good chemicals!

“Huge benefits can be seen through ‘conscious dressing’, where we plan what to wear based on the outcome we want from our outfit. If the intention of dressing is to boost our mood, then we can add partywear, sparkle and sequins to our everyday wardrobe, to increase confidence, joy and pleasure through the activation in our brain.”

Photo: Oliver Bonas

So, do we have to wear sequinned cocktail dresses to the office now? Not exactly (unless you want to of course).

The trend is all about blending casual and dressy in wearable ways, and in line with your own personal style. Think Emily in Paris office-wear but maybe turned down a notch. One celebrity who always manages to nail it, is Kim Kardashian who happily pairs sports jerseys with sequinned and shimmery statement pants, while maintaining that edgy Kim K aesthetic.

Or look to Holly Willoughby for inspiration, who marries sequins and knitwear for some cosy, wholesome glamour.

Rhi Roberts, a fashion buyer from Oliver Bonas, has a number of suggestions for incorporating magpie moments on a daily basis. Combining sequin skirts and dresses with woollen knits is an idea, or, if you’re not a fan of sequins, satin or silk can add a similar touch of glamour. You can also depend on accessories for some sparkle. Think glittery socks, statement jewellery and beaded bags.

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