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02nd Dec 2021

Juicy Couture has officially launched at Brown Thomas and Arnotts

Sarah McKenna Barry

If you needed confirmation that Y2K fashion is back, then this is it.

The iconic fashion brand Juicy Couture has officially launched in Brown Thomas and Arnotts, so if you fancy reliving the style of the early 2000s, then you know where to go.

In their heyday, the tracksuit bottoms enjoyed massive popularity with the likes of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian all proudly rocking the brand.

Over the past few years, Y2K style has been making a slow and steady comeback, and the demand for more Juicy Couture is truly the cherry on top of the nostalgia icing.

Announcing the launch in the two Irish stores, Brown Thomas and Arnotts released a joint statement which read: “Brown Thomas is excited to introduce Juicy Couture, the original and most famous loungewear brand in fashion.

“A true icon of the noughties, embrace nostalgia with Juicy Couture’s latest collection of velour tracksuits with rhinestone embellished logos.

“The collection launching is a dynamic fusion of loungewear and streetwear released at a time when Juicy Couture is being adopted and re-adopted by intergenerational audiences the world over. Juicy’s much-loved velour has been developed with western-inspired rhinestone detailing, combined with the brand’s ever-evolving signature slogans.”

As well as the classic Juicy we all know and love, Irish shoppers will also be able to get their hands on the brand’s premium Black Label.

The statement explains the appeal: “Their iconic luxe velour returns in the original and signature cotton rich fabrication. Staple silhouettes are offered in this elevated line; customers can choose their beloved velour in timeless styles in black, navy, dark grey and dark green.”

So, there you have it. If you’re in dire need of having the word ‘Juicy’ emblazoned across your bum in luxury velour, then you better get in line at Brown Thomas and Arnotts.

Images via Brown Thomas and Arnotts.