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01st Apr 2015

Impulsive, Sociable, Content… What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?

Clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy reveals all...


We’re used of seeing Karen Koster stepping out in stunning red carpet ensembles but she was modelling something very different last week.

The Xposé presenter took a break from her maternity leave to model a stunning unique dress created by Irish designer Emma Manley and stylist Darren Kennedy for Special K’s Live In Colour campaign.

The campaign encourages women to live of “choice, variety, pleasure and fun” and clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy was on hand to discuss the power of colour and the impact it can have on our every day lives.

What does your favourite colour say about you?

Red: means you are impulsive, sexy and have a will to win. You are a good leader. You have enormous drive, but there may be too much going on in your life.

Orange: a joyous colour, it frees and releases emotions. It represents fun, sociability and independence.

Yellow: whilst known for building self confidence and encouraging optimism, if yellow is your favourite colour, you are also ambitious but eager to please. Free from worry, you lead a carefree life.

Green: means a persistent personality. You are a high achiever and like to accumulate ‘things’ such as luxury goods. Green promotes balance and personal development and has a strong affinity with nature, helping us to connect to others. It helps to reduce stress.

Blue: a person who favours blue is sensitive. They never panic and are in total control of their lives and quite content. Blue is a calming, relaxing, soothing and cooling colour.

Purple: those who prefer violet or purple tend to want to find a mystical, magical relationship. Purple brings peace and promotes empathy, self-respect and dignity.

Pink: whilst red relates to sexuality, pink is associated with unconditional love. Pink brings feelings of warmth and nurturing and reduces feelings of irritation and aggression.