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15th Jan 2021

This hoodie comes with a mask attached so it’s perfect for those 5km walks

Melissa Carton

That’s one way not to forget your mask.

Yet another lockdown, yet another 5km distance restriction.

It’s really starting to feel a bit Groundhog Day which is why getting outside for a bit everyday is paramount for maintaining our mental health.

Since the start of this lockdown I’ve been trying to get out for a short walk everyday, but it also usually involves popping into the local shop for a bottle of water or a hot drink.

With those little trips comes ‘the fear’. Not the fear we used to get because nights out aren’t a thing at the moment but the ‘new normal’ fear of forgetting your facemask.

Well fear no longer because I’ve found the solution. A hoodie that comes with a built in facemask.

This oversized hoodie features a black fabric with a built-in mask so you never have to do the panic pocket check again!

Available in both black and grey it comes in a comfy slouch fit so it’s perfect for winter walks or just even lounging at home (with the mask off of course).

It will also come in handy for when gyms and sports centres do open back up again as masks, as it stands, are mandatory in indoor facilities.

The facemask hoodie comes in sizes extra small to extra large and is currently on sale for £16.00 (around €17.99).

Available from Pretty Little Thing it’s part of a range of similar products including facemask dresses and facemask tops so you can have a whole facemask wardrobe and never worry about having to bring one out with you again.

Personally out of them all I could definitely see me wearing the hoodie the most as it looks so comfortable and let’s be honest ain’t nobody got time for being dressy right now. Lounge wear all the way!