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27th Jun 2018

Holly’s €25 denim skirt is perfect for sunny days in the office

Today is apparently the hottest day of the year.

And we’re certainly feeling it in the office. Gone are the shirts, trousers, and jackets – and in are the… well, we don’t know what’s in. Because we’re in Ireland and we’re all incapable of dressing for the warm weather.

Yep, the minute the temperature reaches over 20C in Ireland, we just don’t know how to dress anymore and question everything we put on our bodies.

Image result for too warm gif

Are shorts too much? Can I wear a t-shirt? Is it too warm to bring a jacket?

Well, we all need to calm down because most workplaces chill their dress codes when the weather gets too warm, so we’re sure a t-shirt is fine.

And if you have a casual office or work place then this skirt is perfect for you. It’s not too short so it looks professional and you can wear it with a light blouse for the perfect summer-time office outfit.

We love the way Holly styled it up with a contrasting denim top and the red heels give the outfit an instant shake up.

You can find Holly’s skirt here, and there are still LOADS of sizes left so you won’t be stuck for choice!