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27th Sep 2018

Holly Willoughby’s little black floral dress is perfection but it’d break the bank

Jade Hayden

holly willoughby

Not on our wages, anyway.

Usually, Holly Willoughby graces us with clothing that we too could wear because we too could afford them.

It’s handy enough seeing her standing around on Instagram in a nice outfit safe in the knowledge that we could also wear the exact same outfit and yeah, OK, probably not look as nice or get as many likes but whatever, it could happen and that’s the main thing.

Tonight, however, Holly is wearing a dress that none of us could afford unless we didn’t spend a cent for about two months because it costs €881.

Yeah, really.

This is it:

Stunning, we know – but worth being chronically in debt for a considerably long time? Perhaps not.

The dress, or “dress of dreams” as Holly would say, is from Harvey Nichols and is silk chiffon with a floral print across.

According to the product description:

“The Mariko Meadow print pays homage to the Pre-Fall collection’s subtle Japanese references, while the cinching waist ties and softly flared cut adds a romantic allure.

“Style it late summer dinner dates with blush pumps and slick of gloss.”

A slick of gloss, indeed.

Holly is wearing the dress tonight for another Celebrity Juice show.

Last night she wore a holographic skirt with a T-shirt and some Harvey Nichols boots again.

Is Holly doing a #spon with the store? Did she simply do a haul there a few weeks back and hasn’t gotten a chance to wear any of her bits yet?

Who can say for sure?

Nice dress though.