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20th Sep 2016

H&M have annoyed a lot of people with this news

Megan Roantree

This is pretty ridiculous.

H&M is one of our favourite places to shop, from basics to statement pieces the shop has it all.

But lately people have noticed something different about the shop that doesn’t seem fair.

The shop has recently expanded to sell homeware and beauty but it means that another vital section has been cut in a lot of stores.

H&M is no longer selling a plus size range in any of their New York stores.

In society we are finally getting to a point where plus size fashion is more readily available and more stylish than ever, models like Tess Holiday, Ashley Graham and Olivia Campbell have paved the way for curvier women. But this move from H&M seems to be a step back.

A writer for Revelist noticed that she couldn’t find the Plus size range in any of the 11 New York stores. When she asked the sales assistants, they told her that they stopped a few months ago.

This means that people who wear clothes between the size of 18 and 28 cannot try clothes on in store, the plus size line will now be sold online only.

When asked about the decision to pull plus size clothes from several of their stores H&M said:

“H&M’s product range has grown in the past few years, with e.g. an extended sports offering, a new beauty assortment and our interior concept H&M Home.

This means not all stores have room for all our fashion concepts. The assortment in the stores is evolving as we continuously assess the product mix, which is decided by each store’s specific pre-requisites when it comes to e.g. its size and the customers’ requests.

We refer customers to our online store, which includes all our fashion concepts, and a broader assortment.”

All across America H&M stores are fading out their plus size range, which seems strange considering they recently signed Ashley Graham to model their clothes, something some people feel is a contradiction.

H&M had just received a huge amount of their brilliant video smashing gender stereotypes and being inclusive, it’s a shame that the video does not reflect what is on sale in their stores.

No word yet on whether the same will be happening across Europe, but we’re hoping it won’t be.