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24th Jan 2023

Hailey Bieber’s simple white tees are the moment – and here’s why

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We see you, Hailey.

If you’re obsessed with celebrity street style like me and endlessly look at pictures of models’ off-duty fashion choices, this is the piece for you.

What I love most about this type of fashion statement is that it’s easy to recreate, and while people like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid are rocking some outfits I definitely can’t afford, they’re so easy to recreate with high street alternatives.

And this is even more true when we take a look at what Hailey has been doing lately with a classic white t-shirt and making a statement piece from it.

White t-shirts are something we all have in our wardrobes, and we easily have multiple of them – so why not put them to good use?

When it comes to Mrs. Bieber’s take on this, she elevates it in a way nobody else appears to be doing and while some of us might assume a t-shirt like this is boring, Hailey proves it’s the exact opposite.

Over the last number of months, Hailey has been pictured in a white t-shirt at least 10 times. To the regular person, it doesn’t seem like a lot but in the celeb world, it’s a different story.

Let’s talk about it. Hailey used to primarily work with stylist Maeve Reilly and since she stopped, her style has evolved. We’re seeing a lot more cargos, a lot of suit pants and anything but basic jeans – but the staple always is a classic white t-shirt.

The model has been working alongside Karla Welch who is her husband Justin’s longtime stylist. Back in 2018 she launched a collection with Justin of simple white tees in different cuts after he couldn’t find a specific style on the market. White tees and Karla Welch have always gone hand in hand.

Over the last year, Hailey has been working to really implement this trend. Whether it’s a longer tee or a cropped, or her recent and very iconic “nepo baby” t-shirt, she constantly looks put together, despite it being a completely effortless look.

Hailey has most often gone with jeans to complete this look, but not any jeans. Some are classic straight leg vintage Levi’s, which she usually gets from Denim by Orlee, while others are her Saks Potts cargo look pair or a baggier style by Khaite. Typically, she pairs these with Nike Air Force 1s or Adiadas Sambas, but more recently it’s been her endless collection of loafers.

Other times, she pairs these t-shirts with wide leg suit pants like the pair from her own Wardrobe NYC collection. On different occasions, it’s been Jaded London cargos, GESTUZ skirt and blazer or even Alo gym shorts.

But whatever the occasion, you can guarantee Hailey has a classic and vintage leather jacket to pair with it. And when we say vintage, we really mean vintage. Hailey seems to exclusively buy her light outerwear and denim from online vintage brands, meaning even the rich and famous like to keep it sustainable.

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