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03rd Apr 2018

Glitter Birkenstocks are here to make your summer much more shiny

Olivia Hayes

These are the new summer shoe.

After many years of being out of fashion, Birkenstocks made a quick turn around a few years ago.

Many women and men alike wore them to fashion week and they were spotted on an array of bloggers and influencers Instagram feeds. And so, the resurgence of the beloved Birk was upon us.

Sure, we like Birks just as much as the next person, but when we saw these glitter ones, our faces literally turned into the heart-eye emoji.

Because, LOOK:

Coming in pink and silver, the new Birks will certainly brighten up your wardrobe and will give any out an extra little bit of shine.

The sparkly footwear are limited addition with fashion brand Opening Ceremony.

The brand is known for doing frequent collaborations with major brands such as Disney and Adidas. They come in at €125, but you better be quick because the collection is selling out fast.

Opening Ceremony also deliver to Ireland (and its delivery price is thankfully not ridic) so we’d get on them FAST.