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28th Jan 2018

The €8 accessory Khloe Kardashian LOVES… and they’re from Claire’s

Love. Want. Need.

Orlaith Condon

And we’re off to buy them all!

When it comes to the style evolution of the Kardashian sisters, they’ve definitely pared things back over the years.

Yes, now they go for a very muted colour palette, with simple form-fitting shapes, but always set it off with some killer accessories.

Whether it’s a fierce pair of heels or a cool combination of chains, they’re all about the small, added details.

And if there’s one accessory Khloe is mad for, it’s a good pair of hoops.

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Yep, whether she’s “lounging” around in jeans and a body or hitting the red carpet, Khloe loves to team her look with a serious pair of hoops and when it comes to size, the bigger is always better.

Well, it turns out she buys hers from a very familiar shop and they’re less than €8.

When we think of Claire’s accessories, most of us think of the numerous multipacks of earrings we purchased there over the years, so we’re overjoyed to hear that Khloe is a fan of their earrings too.

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Yes, when a fan begged to know where Khloe buys her super-sized hoops, she answered every bargain-hunters prayers when she said “Claire’s”.

With both a silver and gold option available for just €7.99 each (and currently a buy one get one free offer running on-site) we’ll be buying as many as are left in stock.