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03rd Nov 2018

The €30 Penneys trench coat you legit won’t take off for the entire autumn

This €20 dress from Penneys' new summer range is actually perfect for a Christmas party

Legit, you won’t.

Heading down the shops for some milk? €30 trench.

Taking a city break with a mate? €30 trench.

Hitting up the Workman’s smoking area on a Saturday night to scope out the vibe because cuffing season is well and truly upon us and Jesus Christ you are lonely these days?

You guessed it. €30 trench.

Suitable for any occasion to be quite honest with you and yeah, we’ll take one in every size and colour.

The mac is currently retailing for a seriously decent €30 so honestly, where would you be going not purchasing this thing of beauty?

It’s got everything you could ever want from a trench: a belt, a classic collar, a bit of length, burnt brown colour.

Sorted, like.

If this particularly coat isn’t exactly your hashtag vibe though, please, just stop worrying because there’s one in a light brown colour too.

Here it is.

The above is also only 30 quid too so why don’t you just go ahead and buy both?

Or if you’re looking for something a little cosier, Penneys have a sick amount of jumpers in at the moment to suit your every knit-based need.

You’ll never be cold again.

Until you go outside.