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03rd Dec 2018

This €159 Zara coat just made it onto one of Vogue’s must-have lists

Olivia Hayes

The cold snap is never ending.

Every time we look out our windows in the morning we pray that there might be a teeny tiny bit of sun to grace us, but unfortunately, we get disappointed very quickly (especially when we looked out this morning and saw frost on our cars).

And while nearly every morning we have a debate in our heads about what to wear, you can be sure that we’ll get some use out of this Zara coat while the weather stays icy cold.

Being one of the biggest fashion magazines the world has to offer, Vogue knows a thing or two about style, so that’s why we’re all on board with its latest list.

Diving deep into the best autumn/winter trends for 2018/2019, Vogue included the belted coat in its latest must-have list – and we have to agree.

Image 1 of LONG COAT WITH BELT from Zara

It will keep you cosy and warm, it will match with just about anything in your wardrobe and it’s pretty chic as well.

Coming in at €159, it’s a tad pricey but with the cold weather not going anywhere anytime soon, we’re sure we’d get our wear out of the coat.