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09th Jul 2022

TikTok is telling us to run, not walk to Dunnes for these Lululemon dupe leggings

Lululemon dupe


If you are a fan of Lululemon’s seriously fabulous – but crazy expensive – workout leggings, this is for you.

Good, old Dunnes Stores are known countrywide for their ability to make high quality pieces that are similar to high-end designer clothes and accessories – but at an amazing bargain price.

And now they have done it again.

Taking to TikTok, user @soibhanobrien9 recently posted about a pair of leggings she snapped up in Dunnes that are scarily similar to Lululemon’s – yet at just €15, just a fraction of the price.

The stunning contour leggings have a cross-over high waist and curved hem detail, and come in three different colours –and as @soibhanobrien9 captioned her now-viral video:


Needless to say, many other TikTok users were just as impressed, and compared the leggings to ones from high-end sports brands like LuluLemon and Gymshark.

“Oh obsessed,” one person wrote.

Another one commented:

“They literally look like Lulus”.

Another Irish TikTok user, @aoibbhhin, who also shared footage of the bargain Dunnes Stores workout range wrote:

“I’m obsessed.”

Commenting on how similar the leggings really are to Lululemon’s, one person then added:

“Omgg I need those.”

Here is the description Dunnes Stores have of the now-iconic leggings on their website:

“With a crossover high waist and a curved hem detail, these 7/8 length leggings offer a supportive, slimming silhouette that is made to move with you. Super soft, quick-drying, and breathable, they feature four-way stretch and moisture management technology, to help you stay cool while you work out. Matching jacket available; sold separately.”