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28th Sep 2019

Dry, brittle hair: 3 amazing new products that’ll give your post-summer locks some TLC

Is your hair looking a little lacklustre right about now?

I know mine is, anyway.

I think it is, for the most part, a combination sunshine (thank you, Mallorca!), chlorine water from the swimming pool and salt water from all those delicious sea swims too.

However, lovely as summer always is, it does take a toll on our hair. And it doesn’t really help that we are now heading into the season of cold air outside and artificially heated air inside – another surefire way to make sure my hair is is a tangle of dry ends and frizzy strands.

What is needed is some major TLC – and I think I have managed to round up three products that really do what they say on the tin, deeply condition, treat and revice your dry locks – and leave you with glossy, healthy, swishy hair.

1.Kevin Murphy Young Again Treatment Oil

If you splurge on one products for your hair this month, let this be it. There has been so much talk about how amazing oils are for your face and skin, but it turns out they are equally brilliant for your hair.

Young Again from Kevin Murphy is a weightless leave-in treatment oil infused with ingredients that delivers deep conditioning benefits that leave hair feeling soft and smooth with an overall boost to shine. I loved how it didn’t make my hair feel greasy in the slightest, and how it literally sank in and felt like an actual facial for my hair. No kidding.

Even better? It is sulphate-, paraben- and cruelty-free


2. Loreal Elvive Rapid Reviver

I cannot wash my hair without using conditioner, as it literally renders it in absolute tangles and near enough impossible to brush out post drying. However, at this time a year I always find that my hair is especially dry after the summer, after days spent in the sun and in and out of swimming pools and sea water.

What this means is that I often, a regular conditioner doesn’t really seem to do the trick, and masks, I find, are often too heavy for my fine-ish, Nordic hair, leaving it feeling flat and almost greasy-looking.

And this is why I was so excited to test out the new Elvive Rapid Reviver – promising to be like a super-charged conditoner, but yet not as time-consuming or heavy as a full on mask. Sounds good? It was. Available in four different versions, each to target different hair concers, I tested the Elvive Rapid Reviver Extraordinary Oil conditioner, which contains ultra-nourishing amino acids and jojoba oil, and literally, my hair felt like silk afterwards.

To get technical, Loreal claims that the conditioner is unique because of a new technology, using an amino acid serum that works twice as hard as regular conditioners, and rapidly penetrating the hair and bonding with the fibres to restore softness and shine to the hair. And having tested it, it really, really does what it says on the tin – and that at a price far more pleasant for your wallet than having to visit a salon for a conditioning treatment.

€8.96, available from supermarkets and selected grocery stores nationwide

dry, brittle hair



3. Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo

OK, hear me out – this isn’t technically a product designed to treat dry, brittle hair, but this shampoo is so seriously amazing, I needed to include it in my round-up.

I have previously taken the Viviscal capsules, and was seriously impressed with the result, and so lept at the chance recently to also test out the shampoo. If you are currently going through a phase where your hair seems weak and prone to breakages and hair loss, you should absolutely check the Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo out, as I could not believe how much fuller and more healthy my own hair looked after just a few washes.

My hair just seemed healthier, less brittle and the dullness, no doubt from all those hours spend chasing my children around a chlorine-filled pool back in August, just went away, and without any colour or treatment, my hair looked a million times better – all thanks to a €12 shampoo!

€11.95, McCabes Pharmacy

dry, brittle hair