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21st Jun 2019

Dr Martens iridescent range would be so legit for festival season

Jade Hayden

dr martens

So pretty, so shiny.

It’s festival season, and you know what that means.

Lots of glitter (biodegradable), colourful items, and nice things that you can wear in as field that you wouldn’t usually wear in regular life because they’re too jazzy or sparkly or whatever.


And the below Dr Martens boots are divine too – because they’re iridescent, shiny, and kind of looking like something a mermaid would wear if mermaids had legs and the whole point of them wasn’t that they were fish on the bottom.

“Our Iridescent collection is made from two-tone iridescent scales that demand attention with every step,” reads the product description.

“This standout leather has been specially processed to give it a rainbow metallic effect in a geometric print.”

The collection comes in two colours – a coral and a teal, both of which include Molly boots, Pascal boots, and low-top Holly boots.

Ideal for traipsing through the mud, lying around in the sun, or sleeping in your tent with your boots firmly stuck to your feet out of pure fear that they’re about to get stolen.

The Dr Martens start at €179 so they are slightly on the pricy side, but hey, they’re Dr Martens – they’ll last you.

You can check out the iridescent range and some more of their collections here.  


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