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18th Nov 2018

The daughter of the billionaire founder of Zara just got married, and OMG THE DRESS

Rebecca O'Keeffe



We talk about the British royal family all the time.

We adore their kids, we obsesses over their style, and we are glued to the television whenever there is a royal wedding.

But, what about the other kind of royal wedding? The fashion royal wedding, if you will.

On Friday, Marta Ortega got married in a lavish, yet beautiful, ceremony.

The 34-year-old newlywed, is the daughter of Zara billionaire owner Amancio Ortega 82.


Mr Ortega is currently the fifth wealthiest person in the world, having amassed a fortune of €55 billion. Casual.

So as you can only imagine, the wedding was pretty stunning.

However, it was the dress that really caught our attention.

Marta wore a bespoke, high-neckline dress by Valentino, which featured simple pleated details, sheer sleeves and a full-length skirt.


The bride paired this simple, stunning dress with a floral headpiece and a veil.

Oh and did we mention that her dress had POCKETS? Perfection.

The beautiful Marta married Carlos Torretta, the son of a fashion designer, in at her family home in Galicia, Spain.

According to the Daily Mail, among the 400 guests in attendance were Jessica Springsteen, Athina Onassis and Eugenia Silva.

The Spanish media has dubbed the event the “wedding of the year” and we’re not surprised.