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20th Aug 2017

This the (expensive) uniform Prince George will wear to his ‘big school’

Well, the school is €20K a year.

He’s about to start ‘big school’ – attending Thomas’s Battersea School in London… where fees cost close-to an eye-watering €20,000 a year.

And Prince George’s parents will have to fork out a pretty penny for his uniform too (presumably they’ll find the cash).

In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will cough up at least €400 alone for their eldest son’s school attire.

Over the course of the year, little George, aged four, will don the likes of a winter navy jacket, a red polo neck, regulation socks, and even a red art smock.


Available for purchase in John Lewis, here’s a look at the uniform list along with pricing:


  • Navy jacket €39.50
  • Navy v-neck jersey 27.25
  • Two red polo necks21.80 for two
  • One to two navy bermudas €25 each
  • Two to three pairs of long red/blue regulation socks 30.50 for two
  • One pair of navy gloves 7.60
  • One navy hat 7.60
  • One pair of black polishable shoes (laceless)
  • One navy scarf


  • Two short sleeved light blue shirts €24
  • One white sun hat €6.50
  • Two to three pairs of navy ankle socks


  • One navy tracksuit €26
  • One white t-shirt €6.50
  • One house coloured t-shirt €7.60
  • One pair of navy games/gym shorts €3.25
  • One pair of trainers €7.60
  • One Thomas’s cagoule 24
  • One navy cloth games/gym bag €9.80
  • Two pairs of white sport socks


  • One red art smock €32


  • One Thomas’s rucksack €14.20