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12th Apr 2017

Here’s the average cost of a wedding dress and it could surprise you

Too much? Too little? Just right?

THE dress.

Now, before we get into the thorny subject of wedding dresses and how much they cost, everyone is different and how much is spent is entirely up to the bride-to-be.

It all depends on what you’re looking for: you can save by opting for a dress that’s a couple of seasons old or by buying second-hand.

However, maybe you want one that’s an exact replica of a Marchesa one that was shown at Bridal Fashion Week or you have your heart set on a vintage lace design. In either of these cases, the price is likely to skyrocket.

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However, a recent survey conducted by Bridebook, an online wedding planning service based in the UK, has established an average price – £1,385 and to convert that to euros, you’re talking in the region of €1,610.

However, this price inflates for London-based brides with the estimated figure, £1,677, which works out at around €1,950.

According to reports, 5,000 brides were quizzed in this survey and as you can see above, the overall results included some interesting figures.

What do you think? Is that a reasonable amount to spend or would you consider it way over budget considering there’s also a wedding to pay for?

Main image via Instagram: Liz Martinez Bridal