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04th Aug 2019

Apparently, this is the ‘right’ way to pack your bra into a suitcase

You’re either an organised packer, or a throw-everything-in-and-hope-for-the-best packer.

Some people fold, some roll up… we all have our own ways. However, when it comes to bras, what do you do?

If you throw yours into the little zip section with your underwear, it turns out you’re doing it wrong.

A bra expert at Third Love told InStyle that just throwing them in there can form creases and make your bra breakdown faster.

Instead, you should be leaving your bras for last.

“Packing your bras at the very end will prevent your other items from crushing them,” the experts said.

As well as that, you should unhook your bras and pile them on top of each other to keep their shape. And then… stuff them.

Yep, the experts at Third Love say you should stuff your bras with smaller items such as socks and knickers.

Well, now we know… although it probably won’t stop us throwing everything in when we’re packing last minute.