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19th Feb 2022

Summer fashion: The 60s and 70s set to make a huge comeback in 2022

Ellen Fitzpatrick

And thank God they are.

Fashion trends go out as fast as they come in, for the most part, but for this season, we’re getting a blast from the past.

Different eras of style always make their way back around, with the early 2000s just passing, we’ve been wondering which decade will be making its return.

The 60s and 70s are two very different style eras, but they have one big thing in common – we’d welcome them back with open arms.

From bell sleeves and geometric prints to tweed skirts and matching jackets, we’ll take them all back in a heartbeat.

When it comes to these trends, the iconic and standout pieces from the 60s and 70s are something to keep a lookout for and while they’re making a comeback, we will be seeing them in a more modern way.

“We’re talking an awful lot about minis this season and over the knee skirts so that needed to be very relevant. They will give you directives on the trends,” Brown Thomas fashion buyer Shelly Corkery told

“That shorter skirt and the jacket is one of the biggest trends this season, and a cleaner version. It won’t be the powerful shoulders, a more feminine version of that 60s sort of feeling. It’s going to be very strong. I think that colour is going to be huge. So an explosion of colour, then I think the seventies trend was quite strong with that Paisley prints, that flare trouser.”

“I also think the sixties is quite important because that’s skirt suit is definitely the sixties, I think that’s quite important and it’s not so powerful in the shoulder, it’s definitely tidier and more feminine.”

When we take a look at the recent fashion at New York Fashion Week, particularly the street style, we can already see their return.

There were skirt suit sets, but modern versions with puffy sleeves, we saw pinafore dresses in gingham materials, and patterns on patterns of every 70s design you can imagine.

The clash of patterns and flares, whenever we can have them, is a homage to 70s fashion, with the 60s trends bringing us back to the era of Jackie O with the skirt suits.