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12th May 2020

3 fab SimplyBe lounge wear bits that we’ll still be wearing well after lockdown ends

Melissa Carton

Give us all the cosy clothes!

The last little while I’ve been living in my comfy clothes and I know I’m not the only one.

I love seeing social media posts about people doing dress up for Formal Friday and the like, but personally I’m holding onto living in my lounge wear for as long as possible.

That being said there’s no reason we can’t take comfortable style beyond our homes once lockdown ends.

I love owning clothing that transitions well from season to season, and that’s why I’ve been eyeing up some of SimplyBe’s latest sports and lounge wear bits.

If you have to wear a bra in quarantine (and I stress if), then it should at least be a comfy one.

I personally love sports bra, I know not everyone does, but I much prefer them to underwire bras.

This Pink Soda bra comes in a fun and funky design making it great as both under wear and gym wear down the line.

Hands up if you were an Ugg boots girl back in the day?

Whether you’re doing a few chores around the house or catching a Zoom meeting, the fact of the matter is, jeans or form fitting trousers are no longer required.

The look for summer 2020 is ditching the skinny jeans and throwing on stylish joggers like these Ugg ones from SimplyBe.

And lastly who doesn’t love a cosy jumper?

A good jumper is essential for any Irish wardrobe, even in the summer, so you can’t go wrong with this super soft piece from SimplyBe.

Even better this blush V-neck jumper is currently on sale!

There’s even more incredible bits over on the SimplyBe website so why not have a cheeky browse?