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04th Apr 2020

10 summmer dresses we are ordering this week to cheer ourselves up

Trine Jensen-Burke

Summer is coming.

Even though the world feels crazy right now and nobody knows what is happening – take comfort in this: No storm lasts forever. And summer will come. And boy, is it going to feel amazing when it does.

And to cheer ourselves up in the midst of this madness (anyone wants to fight for a higher salary for teachers yet? Coz I’m in!), we have rounded up 10 gorgeous summer dresses we want to click home right now. Fake it till you make it, they say – and I think, when it comes to summer 2020, we will do just that!

1. Chiffon dress

€39.99, H&M

2. Belt linen dress

€28.79, Mango

3. Striped cotton midi dress

€79, & Other Stories

4. Willow Floral Print Angel Sleeve Midi Dress

€57, Topshop

5. Cotton crepé dress

€27.99, H&M

6. Midi printed dress

€20.79, Mango

7. Pure Cotton Frill Detail Mini Waisted Dress

€54, M&S

8. Midi dress with seashells

€25.99, Zara

9. Wrap front shirred waist mini skater dress

€48.39, Asos

10. Pleated Georgette Midi Dress

€205, Ganni