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15th Dec 2022

Terrifying moment Winter Wonderland slingshot ride snaps with people trapped inside

The two people on the ride have been taken to hospital.

Two visitors to Winter Wonderland in London had a terrifying experience after the slingshot ride they were on snapped.

The seating pod on the fairground ride at the popular Christmas attraction in London crashed into the support beam and left two people, both believed to be male, stuck inside.

Usually, the ride uses elastic bungees to launch the pod straight into the air like a slingshot.

But a shocking video shows the moment the ride went horribly wrong on Wednesday night, as one of the chords snapped on launch.

The remaining band recoiled to the side and sent the pod crashing into one of the ride’s support beams, leaving the pod hanging on its side with the riders suspended in mid-air.

Witnesses told MailOnline the pair were taken to hospital, and the Metropolitan Police confirmed that they received a report about the incident.

According to Metro, no injuries were reported.

In footage shared online by AlbyLad, bystanders could be heard gasping in horror at what had just happened.

Several voiced their shock at the footage.

One person said: “You will NEVER catch me on one of these.”

Another added: “OMG I thought you meant snapped as in it was amazing not as in LITERALLY.”

A third wrote: “I went the other day and this is all I could imagine.”

Another video posted to TikTok shows staff at the popular attraction in Hyde Park trying to move people away from the ride following the incident.