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15th Nov 2023

Irish woman left mortified after accidentally ordering €2,160 cocktail in five-star London hotel


“We were just thinking we were the bees knees”

An Irish woman made a huge mixup when ordering a cocktail at her five-star hotel bar while holidaying in London.

Lynsey took to TikTok to tell the world about her hilarious mixup that almost cost her a whopping £1,890 (€2,160).

She explained that she normally is repetitive with her drinks order, sticking to champagne usually.

She said one evening on her break away, she opted for a cocktail that she thought was called ‘1890’.

The bartender began to make a palaver during the process of creating the cocktail – cracking open some of the most expensive top-shelf products.

Very quickly, after being made to sign a huge book, the woman realised what she thought was the name of the cocktail, was actually the price.

She explained: “I ordered a cocktail which was called 1890 and I thought that was the cost of it, £18.90 (€21.60) so the young chap bought a bottle of Cristal, popped it open, gold leaf, 30-year-old Cognac, gave me this huge book to sign and there we were just thinking we were the bees knees.”

@lynsey_36 ✨I cringe every time I think about it 😫🙈 #embarrassing #funny #fyp ♬ original sound – Lynsey

In the video that has since gone viral, Lynsey went on to say that when the bill arrived, documenting the extortionate price of the whiskey-based cocktail, her husband stormed out – leaving her to deal with the fallout.

She luckily encountered a very kind bar manager, who she explained the “genuine mistake” to. Lynsey described him as “so discreet and so wonderful” for the way he dealt with the situation.

The woman was eventually told not to worry about the faux pas, and left the bar with her bank account intact.

In the aftermath of the experience that nearly gave her a “heart attack,” Lynsey said: “I will forever check the price of cocktails from now on.”

Same Lynsey, SAME!