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19th Apr 2024

‘Am I wrong for asking my siblings to move out of my house?’

Anna Martin

'Am I wrong for asking my siblings to move out of my house?'

Sometimes, you just need a bit of space away from your siblings

You get to a big age where the idea of having to share your space with them just becomes a bit too much and you want a bit of freedom to do your own thing.

You think that would start when you buy your own place but in the case of this Redditor, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Explaining how they ended up in this situation, the mystery poster wrote: “I bought my house in January 2020, I was 23 at the time and I paid the down payment of 50% from personal savings and 50% from gifts from my family.

“I live in a city about two hours away from my parents, obviously, the Covid lockdown happened, and in July 2020 my older brother, James, started working as a doctor in the hospital near me, I was living alone and he had just gone through a breakup and I thought it would be nice for us to live together.

“Subsequently in September 2022 my younger sister started a new course in the city, originally she was commuting from my parents and staying a few nights a week with me, after a while this got too much and she moved in.”

Understandably having nearly the whole family move in has been taking a toll on the writer despite having a lot of love for their family.

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“I love my siblings, I like living with them but it’s all a bit much. I might as well live with my parents at this point and it’s all getting a bit much as the family seems involved in everything,” they continued.

“The final straw is that both my siblings now have partners, as do I. So regularly there are 6 of us – and like everyone has jobs and money and we don’t need to all be in one house.

“My boyfriend is moving in, my house is in a better location and is nicer, than his apartment. I have asked my siblings if they could move out by the end of the summer (September).

“At first, they were both fine with this, however now James has said he doesn’t understand why I don’t just move in with my boyfriend rather than kicking out my brother and sister.

“My sister has subsequently now said it’s ‘not fair’ because my parents helped pay for the house.”

Now the person is wondering if their request is unreasonable and unsurprisingly everyone has been reassuring them it isn’t.

“They seem so entitled. Do they even pay rent?” commented one.

Another added: “It’s your house. The 50% was gifts from your family. If they decide to buy a house themselves, you would probably gift something to them too. So you are entitled to your privacy.”

A third penned: “Doesn’t matter if they are paying rent (which they should have been) or that they are family. It’s your house. They will probably get similar help when they choose to buy a home. You gave them a deadline. Stick to it.”