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12th Aug 2022

Saoirse Ruane’s mum shares hopeful update after she gets her first blade

Kat O'Connor

“We couldn’t be prouder.”

Saoirse Ruane’s mother has shared a hopeful update about her daughter.

Earlier this month, her mum Roseanna confirmed her daughter got her first blade.

The young girl had a week-long trial for her new prosthetic, but her mum said it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Sharing an update on their Instagram page, Roseanna said Saoirse had a small fall during the trial.

“A week since Saoirse got her first blade. It hasn’t been smooth sailing.

“She had a little fall over the weekend which resulted in a small wound that needs time to heal.

“But she’s adjusting really well.”

“The prosthesis itself needs some minor adjustments so it goes back to the workshop this week.”

Her mum said they’re “getting there” despite the setback.

Last week, Roseanna said she “couldn’t be prouder” of her brave daughter.

“We couldn’t be prouder of your attitude and how you try so hard to face the world and put your battles behind you every day.

“We know you have bad days too, which you’re well entitled to, but you pick yourself up so quick and we all learn so much from you.”

“We all have scars Saoírse, it just makes us who we are and it’s because of those scars that we have you here with us.”

“We love every inch of you from your head to your 5 toes,” her mum wrote.

Roseanna said collecting Saoirse’s first-ever blade was a huge moment for her.

She praised the team for comforting Saoirse during the milestone moment.

They always make sure “Saoírse is always comfortable with whatever she chooses”.