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23rd Jun 2017

What to expect from a festival in your 30’s Vs your 20’s

Buckle up.
Electric Picnic 2011

I’m a little rusty when it comes to festivals… it’s been three WHOLE years since I’ve attended one.

Why? I suppose you could say I had some crummy experiences which I will not bore you with (weather/men/booze/robbery), another reason if I’m being completely honest, is that I’m feeling HELLA old these days. Yes, folks, I am firmly in my dirty thirties, and as I’ve learned the hard way… I can no longer say that I’ve JUST turned 30.

My name is Niamh Maher and I am (gulp) 30 years and 9 months young.



Tears aside, before I turn 31 (JESUS) I want to re-invigorate my festival passion:


So, I’m lucky enough to be heading off to Body and Soul this weekend and my 25-year-old self is VERY excited, although my 30-year-old self is a little more apprehensive.

I’m expecting the following:

  • People will be young… really young – There’s nothing quite like being at your local suburban nightclub when a youngster pops up AS IF BY MAGIC and screams at the top of her lungs “You used to babysit me!!!”, the reason for this horrific admission is that I am fully aware that I’m old, but still I’m preparing myself to see skin that’s barely seen four General Elections.
  • The glitter will be everywhere – I’m in two minds about whether to explore this or not, truth be told, I’d love to cover half my face is glitter, It may hide a few of my experience lines (I refuse to call them wrinkles).
  • Shorts will be short – We’ve been experiencing unprecedented weather of late, but we also possess the weather app. We know the weather is going to break and we know it’s going to rain. I’ll be leaving the shorts at home and dressing accordingly.
  • General debauchery will be off the scale – As a grown up adult woman, I have work incredibly early on Monday morning, so I shall be driving and not a tap of booze shall pass my lips. I’m expecting to be alone on this one, but I can’t wait to observe.
  • I’ll find the Mums – I’m not a mother (as far as I know), but I do like hanging out with mums who are my age, maybe it’s their sense of humour or maybe the fact that when they’re let loose they go mental and it’s just great craic to be around.
  • I’ll be cautious of UV rays even if it’s cloudy – You must respect the weather.
  • I’ll find the healthy food – I really don’t want to be feeling awful come Monday morning, so I’d like to take in the arts and craft area, maybe catch some Yoga and eat healthily while I’m there (maybe I am a parent).
  • There will be NO ONE at the acts I want to see – The beauty of being a TEENSY bit older is that the acts you want to see will never be crowded! It’s bittersweet but a glorious win, namely I’m talking about The Spice World movie which is showing at 9 pm on Sunday night… I’ll see you all there!

Expectations aside, I’m excited to dip my welly back into the world of festivals. Of course the goal is to not wake up in a flooded tent under two inches of water, but if it happens… it happens!