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25th Jun 2024

Pet owners advised to do ‘pavement test’ to see if they should walk their dog


There are dangers to walking your dog in this heat.

The moment we get a little sunshine breaking through the sullen clouds, we complain it’s too hot. But in all seriousness, it is too damn hot!

A group we often overlook during the heat is man’s best friend, who need just as much care and attention. If you are struggling to get cool, then your pooch is also likely to be just as sweltering.

“Ouch! Hot pavements can burn paws. Please keep your dogs safe when walking in summer,” UK charity Blue Cross wrote on Twitter.

Though you might have a sudden burst of motivation to get out in the sun and go walking, reconsider taking your dog if the ground is blistering hot.

Hold your hand to the ground; if the heat is unbearable, then don’t risk taking your dog out. Alternatively, don’t take him/her out at all, instead fill a pool up and let them splash around till their heart’s content.

But there are also other factors to consider when caring for your dog in the summer.

“Dogs can suffer fatal heatstroke within minutes. Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat through their skin, and so they rely on panting and releasing heat through their paw pads and nose to regulate their body temperature and keep cool. Imagine wearing a thick winter coat on a hot summer’s day and you’ll understand why dogs succumb to heatstroke so easily,” The Blue Cross write on their website.

Signs of heatstroke include collapse, excessive panting, and dribbling.

Take care of your dog during the summer months. There are so many factors to consider when the heat is high, and the sun is blaring down. Do your research if you are not sure, but ultimately think about your own feelings towards the heat. If you are too hot, your dog probably is too.