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25th Jun 2024

Mindy Kaling announces birth of third child in heartfelt post

Niamh Ryan

Actress Mindy Kaling revealed she gave birth to a daughter earlier this year via social media

The Office star and writer Mindy Kaling took to Instagram last night to share that she’d welcomed a baby girl in February.

She posted a picture of her two older children cuddled up baby Anne in the back garden.

Her heartfelt caption read: “In late February I gave birth to my daughter, Anne.

“She’s the best birthday present I could’ve ever imagined.”

Kaling is a single mother, and earlier chose to keep her personal life out of the public eye. This came after receiving significant criticism online for solo parenting.

“When things are hard, whenever I veer towards cynicism, my three kids are such a great reminder of the pure joy in my life,” she wrote in her post.

“I’m so lucky I live in a place where I could do this by myself, on my own timeline.”

In an interview in 2021, Kaling praised her family and friends for supporting her as a single mother, saying that “it absolutely takes a village”.

The comedian also noted how her mother’s passing has influenced her parenting.

Being raised in a Hindu household, she said that it’s important that her children have a similar upbringing.

“I think that it finally dawned on me that I have a child who will never know her grandmother, the person who was the closest to me in the world,” she said.

“I realised the one thing that would bridge all three of our lives was our faith, this intangible thing that had been passed on to me and that I would now pass on to my daughter.”