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07th Mar 2024

Kate Winslet’s words on Ozempic is the wake-up call I needed

Kat O'Connor

Kate Winslet had the most perfect response to the Ozempic crisis

The rising Hollywood trend of using Ozempic to lose weight has had an ongoing effect on those who aren’t award-winners or chart-topping singers. The drug is so easily accessible to Hollywood stars but they’re spreading such an unhealthy message to women all around the world.

They’ve fooled us into thinking that losing weight makes you a better person, but Kate Winslet’s recent words have helped repair some of the damages her peers have caused.

Kate Winslet recently spoke out about the popularity of Ozempic for weight loss and her words were exactly what I needed to hear.

The actress opened up about the weight loss trend in an interview with The New York Times Magazine.

Winslet was shocked to hear the drug was being used as an appetite suppressant.

She said: “Oh my God. This sounds terrible. Let’s eat some more things!”

Seeing major stars take advantage of a drug that should be given to diabetes patients spreads such a harmful message, especially to women who are already self-conscious.

As someone who is uncomfortable with their weight, seeing them glamourise Ozempic made me question my appearance. I started to wonder if I could access it or if there was another quicker way to lose weight the way these stars had done so.

The obsession Hollywood has with looking thin and perfect is something that has haunted women for years and something that likely won’t go away.

The pressure we feel to look perfect often trickles down from the Hollywood elite

The pressure on us to lose weight, to look a certain way, to follow trends weighs heavy on our shoulders, but a lot of that pressure comes from Hollywood’s elite. They’re setting an example for so many women because we often look to them as superior beings.

We view them as flawless figures, but the one star we really should be listening to is Kate Winslet.

The way she dismissed Ozempic made me realise just how damaging and foolish the trend is.

The Holiday actress said she had an eating disorder but never told anyone because weight loss is celebrated in this world.

“I never told anyone about it. Because guess what — people in the world around you go: ‘Hey, you look great! You lost weight!’ So even the compliment about looking good is connected to weight.”

Winslet couldn’t be more right. Hollywood’s current obsession with Ozempic is terrible and something we all need to turn our backs on.

I certainly won’t give it the power to make me question my worth because of the number on the scales or the label on my clothes.