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06th Mar 2024

‘Just tell us’ – Denise Welch called out over Kate Middleton comments

Kat O'Connor

Denise Welch has made some pretty outlandish comments about Kate Middleton

The discussion about Kate Middleton and her surgery has been non-stop since her January operation.

The conversation surrounding Kate Middleton and her planned abdominal surgery is incredibly complex. Fans are eager to know what is wrong with the princess, others are spreading rumours about the royal’s health, and many are making harsh jokes about her condition, despite knowing very little information about what she is going through.

Our relationship with celebrities is a complex one and we fail to realise that just because they’re in the public eye, it doesn’t mean we deserve to know the ins and outs of their personal lives.

The Princess of Wales doesn’t owe us an explanation about her health condition, even if there is a mass amount of interest in it.

However, one person who has failed to realise this is Loose Women panelist, Denise Welch.

The presenter has been called out for her controversial remarks about the princess.

During an episode of Loose Women, the 65-year-old said Kate Middleton should “just tell us what’s the matter”.

Welch stressed that she has nothing against Kate Middleton and wished her well, but believes the public has a right to know what’s going on with her.

“You are creating a media frenzy”

She explained: “The Kate Middleton thing, I have nothing against her, I don’t know her. I hope she’s alright.

“Just tell us what’s the matter. Just tell us. Just do a photo, whether it’s from your bed or whatever it is. You are creating a media frenzy.”

“And now the conspiracy theories are starting, which of course they’re going to do. So just say what is the matter with her?” she stressed.

“I don’t understand them telling us about Charles’ cancer but not telling us where the cancer is and how he is. Don’t make half a statement,” Denise added.

She may be one of the most famous women in the world, but what do we really gain from knowing the ins and outs of Middleton’s health issues? Will the public be satisfied if she responds to the never-ending rumours about why she was in hospital? Or will the speculation only continue even further?

They may be famous, they may be royal, but she’s also just a person.

We don’t need to know what’s wrong with Kate Middleton and urging her to ‘just tell’ the public about her personal health problems is nothing but tactless.

Nobody should feel forced to share their medical records with the world, be they royal or not.