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23rd Feb 2024

The ‘let them’ theory is empowering women all around the world

Kat O'Connor

I’m embracing the ‘let them’ theory in 2024

We’re all trying to make the year a little better for ourselves, but instead of making resolutions and ditching them in February, I’m embracing the ‘let them’ theory and it’s making my life that little bit better and brighter.

The ‘let them’ theory has been trending on TikTok in recent weeks and I’m so glad it appeared amongst the videos of Dexter Mayhew and Eras Tour outfits on my FYP.

If you’ve not yet heard about the ‘let them’ theory then you need to keep reading.

The ‘let them’ theory is pretty basic, but it’s also pretty life-changing.

Podcast host, Mel Robbins was one of the first to talk about the ‘let them’ theory and summed it up for those eager to know more. The ‘let them’ theory is where you stop letting other people’s actions upset you and instead you simply say ‘let them’.

Rather than getting upset about a forgotten invite or a bad date, you simply say ‘let them’ instead of letting their actions get the better of you.

If someone doesn’t invite you out for drinks then just say ‘let them’.

If your friends forget to ask you for a last-minute brunch date then say ‘let them’

The theory is all about being positive and shaking off little annoyances rather than letting them linger and upset you.

Robbins explained: “If your friends are not inviting you out to brunch this weekend, let them. If the person that you’re really attracted to is not interested in a commitment, let them.”

The ‘let them’ theory has helped so many people feel better both mentally and socially.

It takes situations that once made us anxious or low and turns them into a positive. It also helps us realise that we cannot control people’s actions and the sooner you realise that the better.

Robbins told her TikTok followers: “You spend so much time and energy trying to control other people and getting emotionally worked up about things that are beyond your control. You can tap into peace and true control if you let them be themselves.”

Embracing the ‘let them’ theory completely shifts your mindset and helps you shake off any anxieties or self-doubt. The ‘let them’ theory is giving us back power and self-worth and that’s something we all need more of in 2024.