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09th Mar 2024

The Regime: Everything we know so far about Kate Winslet’s new TV series

Jody Coffey

Kate Winslet The Regime

If you’re viewing habits lean toward the political satire genre, we predict you’ll love The Regime

Kate Winslet will return to our screens in under a month in a new series called The Regime, where she will play the role of a female dictator.

The upcoming series has been described by the show’s writer, Will Tracy, as ‘Downton Abbey, but in an autocrat’s palace’.

Tracy is best known for his work in the hit satirical black comedy-drama series Succession, adding further excitement to The Regime’s release.

Anticipation for the series is brewing following Winslet’s portrayal of Detective Mare Sheehan in Mare of Easttown, which blew viewers away and was widely acclaimed.

Credit: IMDb

The Plot

Winslet will play the Chancellor, Elena Vernham, of an unnamed Central European nation that is unravelling behind the palace walls.

The limited series will tell the story of one year of a modern European regime as its leader, Winslet, starts to fall apart as power, paranoia, and pressure begin to take hold.

The regime’s fall into disarray is linked to Chancellor Verham’s newfound friendship with a peculiar but violent anti-feminist solider, Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts), resulting in international chaos.

The Chancellor faces jeopardy as her health woes bleed into her political position, which risks exposing her weaknesses.

We can expect political power plays, scheming, corruption, and the stark realisation that not even a high position can stave off fears about mortality and illness, while also promising satire and comedy.

Who has been cast in The Regime?

Joining Winslet in this limited series, Hugh Grant has been cast as the former chancellor who was ousted years earlier.

Matthias Schoenaerts will play the soldier known as ‘The Butcher’.

Andrea Riseborough (Alice & Jack), Guillaume Gallienne, Pippa Haywood, Martha Plimpton, and Jessica Frances Dukes will also feature in The Regime.

Release dates and where to watch

Fans of Winslet’s acting talents won’t have long to wait, as the new series will be released as early as April 8th.

All episodes will be available on Sky and NOW TV.

You can watch the trailer here.