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19th Apr 2024

Research shows why queer women have more orgasms

Anna Martin


Ask any woman ‘who has more orgasms?’ Chances are they’ll say men

Yet research over the last decade has also found that queer-identifying women have more orgasms than their straight sisters in the world and it’s for the exact reason that you would expect.

Published this month in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, the report included two surveys: one of lesbian and straight women, and another of bisexual women.

The first of the two surveys asked the mixed group of 476 how important they value orgasms during sex.

While both lesbians and straight women valued climaxing the same, lesbians reported more clitoral stimulation and more orgasms overall during intercourse.

The second survey of 482 bisexual participants found that bisexual women value orgasms the same regardless of the gender of their partner, but those partnered with women had higher clitoral stimulation and orgasm expectations than those partnered with men.

So what is the reasoning behind all this? Well, it turns out it has more to do with something called sexual scripts than gender.

Credit: Canva

In other words, what we expect from sex largely comes from what we watch in movies, TV shows and pornography.

Even more interestingly, the research showed that women’s expectations of sex and orgasms vary depending on the gender of their partner.

Sex scenes are often framed around the man’s pleasure, often overlooking clitoral stimulation in favour of vaginal penetration, and the scenes typically end with the man’s orgasm.

“This heterosexual script prioritises the man’s orgasm, as intercourse alone is associated with the lowest orgasm frequency for women,” the report reads while noting that women who have sex with women are “more likely to engage in nonpenetrative acts.”

The research notes that heterosexual sex script prioritising the male orgasm, with the average script being going foreplay to vaginal intercourse until the man orgasms and the sex ends. 

When you consider that between 70-90% of women are unable to achieve orgasm with penetration alone, the connection becomes apparent.

Women sleeping with women are not as likely to follow this script, while also being much more likely to engage in nonpenetrative sex.