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06th Mar 2024

‘There are so many survivors of cancer’ – Rosie Connolly on the importance of using her following for good

Kat O'Connor

Rosie Connolly tells about the importance of raising funds for Breast Cancer Ireland and living in the present

Influencers who use their platforms for good are the most inspirational of all. Amongst the campaigns and reels, they’re using their huge followings to help others, and spread awareness, and doing so is something incredibly important to businesswoman, Rosie Connolly.’s Kat O’Connor recently spoke to the influencer about her brand 4th Arq’s collaboration with Breast Cancer Ireland.

Rosie said teaming up with the charity was a no-brainer for her and the 4th Arq team because “the more money that goes into research, the quicker we’ll get to that stage where we aren’t losing loved ones to breast cancer”.

Rosie explained that collaborating with Breast Cancer Ireland was a total privilege.

The campaign launched just before International Women’s Day, which felt like beautiful timing for Rosie.

“It’s the power of timing. It’s so powerful that it’s all come together ahead of International Women’s Day. Being able to use the business to help something so important like Breast Cancer Ireland is the perfect collaboration.”

“It was a no-brainer to do something again. It’s wrong not to lean into using the business to support such an important charity,” Rosie said.

“We can all get caught up in the day-to-day of running a business but at the end of the day, your health is everything. Being able to use the business we’ve grown to help is a huge privilege.”

“Irish people are just so generous when it comes to charity”

Rosie Connolly said her followers never fail to blow her away with their support, no matter what she does. She explained the reason why she wanted to work with Breast Cancer Ireland again.

“Everyone knows somebody who has been touched by breast cancer, unfortunately, but there are so many positive stories of people living their lives to the fullest after having breast cancer and that positive story is what we want to get across.”

“Research and the treatments have come so far in the ten years since my mum had breast cancer. My mum is living the best life she’s ever lived after having cancer. She lives her life way fuller than she ever did before her diagnosis. She’s such a pillar of hope for people. 

Photo: Anthony Woods

Rosie herself has also had scares when it comes to breast cancer so understands just how overwhelming it can be.

“We’re no longer losing as many loved ones anymore”

“I’ve had lumps myself and I’ve had to wait for biopsies, and it’s absolutely terrifying. As much as we try to stay hopeful, it is so scary and the outlook when we heard the word ‘cancer’ we automatically panic. There are so many survivors of cancer and the treatments have come on such a long way that we’re no longer losing as many loved ones anymore.”

Funding vital research and supporting Breast Cancer Ireland can change so many lives.

“We do need to get behind the research so we can keep hearing these positive stories. The more money that goes into research, the quicker we’ll get to that stage where we aren’t losing loved ones to breast cancer.”

Not only are the Irish public supporting Rosie’s charity collaboration, but they’re also surprising her with the support for 4th Arq. She said it never fails to amaze her just how supportive Irish women are.

Photo: Anthony Woods

“These charity campaigns mean so much to us so to see the support it gets – the shares, the likes, the support, the donations, our supporters advocate for that and that never fails to amaze me.”

Irish women have been raving about 4th Arq since its launch in 2020 and the support has only grown since then. Rosie said she feels honoured to be a tiny part of her supporter’s lives.

“Clothing is my armour. It’s what gives me confidence every day, whether you want to feel comfy, cozy, or confident. I love that our clothes have the power to do that for people. I love that our clothes make people feel comfortable. If you reach to our clothes for comfort then it is lovely that we get to do that.

Her brand and business may be incredibly important to her, but Rosie said her main focus for 2024 is focusing on the present moment. She said working with Breast Cancer Ireland has opened her eyes about what life is all about.

“It’s just about enjoying life because you just don’t know what’s around the corner. You never know when you might find a lump or someone close to you might get sick. If things are good now then we need to enjoy every day as it comes.”

Rosie Connolly has launched limited edition Half Zip fleece designs set to mark International Women’s Day and help fund Breast Cancer Ireland’s life-saving research. Sales will go live at 10am on Friday 8th March, marking International Women’s Day.

All of the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Ireland, directly supporting their ongoing & pioneering research efforts.