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27th Feb 2024

How embracing the unbothered mindset can change your life for the better

Kat O'Connor

2024 is the year we’re embracing the unbothered mindset

Are we running too many of our life choices by trends on TikTok? Possibly, but the latest lifestyle trend has caught our attention, in a good way. The unbothered mindset is trending amongst the videos of Niall Horan’s tour and the latest release in Penneys.

But what exactly is this well-being trend and can it actually have a positive impact on our lives?

If, like me, you find yourself overanalysing everything so much that it starts to impact your mood as well as your mental health then the unbothered mindset is something you need to embrace.

The viral trend encourages people to let go and to stop getting bothered by other people’s actions and words.

If you scroll through the endless videos about the unbothered girl era many women are embracing you’ll notice one piece of advice constantly crop up.

You cannot control people’s actions and words so why let them get to you?

One user said: “Being an unbothered girl means having the ability to let things go that are no longer serving you.

“No one is better or worse like we’re all just different. If you take time to understand you are the most autetntic self when people in your life bring out the good in you.”

How to embrace the unbothered mindset?

Life is far shorter than any of us realise so why should we waste our time being bothered about menial things like someone not inviting us to lunch or someone dissing your interests.

@excelrasanen Tips on how to let go through entering your unbothered girl era 🥰 The Law of Detachment is so powerful because it helps you be more present in life and let go of what no longer serves you #lawofdetachment #manifestation #unbotheredqueen #unbotheredgirlera #lettinggo #howtoletgo #selflovejourney ♬ original sound – ExcelRasanen

The unbothered mindset is all about brushing away your people pleasing tendancies and making yourself a priority.

You will reach a point where you realise that you need to put yourself first and there’s nothing selfish about it.

As soon as you realise you’re not going to please everyone you’ll instantly feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.

Your sole purpose in life is not to make everyone happy and to do the things others want you to do.

Live for yourself and not the half dozen people who are trying to tear you down. Don’t let the opinions of people who aren’t rooting for you bother you in 2024.

As Taylor Swift says, just shake it off.