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20th Feb 2018

People are proposing with avocados and it’s peak millennial notions


Olivia Hayes

There are many creative ways to propose these days.

At home, in a fancy restaurant, on holiday… some even do elaborate flash mobs.

However, the latest trend is sooo millennial that we think we have reached our peak.

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Ladies, and gentlemen, people are now proposing by hiding wedding rings in avocados.

Yes, it all started when food stylist Colleen Dike posted a photo on Instagram with a perfectly cut avocado holding a ring inside.

She captioned it “Tag someone who should propose like this,” and basically Instagram went MAD for it.

And then if you have a look through social media, you’ll find that people actually do it:

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It’s all a bit wild if you ask us, but sure look, what makes you happy, makes you happy… right?

Just don’t be blaming our money issues on avocado toast anymore… it’s clearly avocado proposals that are the issue.