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24th Apr 2024

Chicken fillet roll voted as Ireland’s favourite ‘to go’ lunch – do we agree?

Jody Coffey

chicken fillet roll

What cultured palettes we have!

From the breakfast roll to the chicken fillet roll, takeaway deli foods have become a cornerstone of Irish cuisine.

With that, in Ireland, deli workers are unspoken and unsung heroes of our society.

Whether we arrive in the depths of a hangover, while on a road trip, or in the throes of a busy work day, they’re always there to greet us with a smile and a delicious roll.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Circle K research saw 41 per cent of the Irish public admit that the hot chicken fillet roll as their favourite ‘to go’ lunch.

The trusted deli roll won out over other deli crowd-favourites such as the Chicken and Stuffing Sandwich (14 per cent), BLT Sandwich (13 per cent) and Chicken Caesar Wrap (13 per cent).

Credit: Lovin Dublin

For the early and in-a-hurry risers, the breakfast roll was voted as the favourite ‘to go’ breakfast by 51 per cent of people.

The breakfast roll surpasses deli staples such as the sausage roll (27 per cent) and the jambon (12 per cent).

In terms of spread, butter, of course, topped the list with 52 per cent, followed by mayonnaise (30 per cent), and a chutney or relish (five per cent).

When it comes to how the public likes their freshly prepared deli foods, it turns out we are quite particular.

The research found that 61 per cent prefer their sandwiches cut diagonally rather than in half.

Despite our grá for hot deli food, many of us (30 per cent) are not willing to travel more than 2km for it.