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04th Dec 2023

Bewley’s cafe slated over ‘ridiculous’ cost of hot chocolate

Kat O'Connor

People are fuming over the cost of hot chocolate in Bewley’s

Bewley’s Cafe is quite the ideal spot to take a break from a day of Christmas shopping in Dublin.

The iconic cafe is right in the centre of the city, but it is in hot water over the cost of their hot chocolate.

If, like us, you drink hot chocolate like its water over the Christmas season then you may need to avoid this spot.

People were shocked to hear that Bewley’s is charging €8.40 for a hot chocolate in their Grafton Street spot.

Naomi O’ Leary posted a snap of her receipt on Twitter and captioned it, ‘a receipt causing shock on the family group chat’.

The tweet quickly went viral after Naomi shared the photo with many users expressing their outrage at the ridiculous cost.

One said: “Seems pricy. Even allowing for table service and city centre location premiums. And I’m in the coffee business.

Another added: “I hope you got to keep the cup!”

A third shared, “‘Gross total’ is definitely an accurate description of that!”

While a fourth pointed out that you get more than just a standard hot chocolate for the price.

They wrote: “Hot choc with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and marshmallows … 8.40 is expensive but it looks like a nice treat if that’s the kinda thing you like. Looks more like a dessert really!”

It may look great and taste even better, but I think I’ll stick to Butlers for my hot cocoa fix.

Where is the best spot to get (affordable) hot chocolate in Dublin?