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30th Sep 2023

Looking for dupes of Alaïa’s Strass studded ballet pump? We’ve got you

London Fashion Week saw the most incredible fashion hit the streets and the runways, but one shoe stood out as the star.

London Fashion Week has shown us that the resurgence of the ballet pump could be here to stay.

Alaïa’s Strass embellished ballet flats had their fashion breakout moment on a number of guests attending London Fashion Week (LFW).

We had heard that pumps were back, but these are somewhat of an evolved, edgier look when compared to the OG ballet pump.

The jury is still out on whether or not this will take off into a full-fledged trend, but judging from the front rows of the fashion event, it seems the pumps, which come with a price tag of close to €1,000, are something to keep an eye out for. Well, a dupe of the shoe that won’t bankrupt us, that is.

The Alaïa’s Strass lambskin ballet pumps also come in white and also come with that hefty price tag of £830 (€956.38).

If you’re into these shoes, or even just intrigued, there are, thankfully, a number of lookalikes, and some dupes that bear an uncanny resemblance to the high-end flats.

For less than €30 on ASOS, you can mimic the style of guests seen wearing the black version of the shoes, and for under €50, Zara sells a gorgeous slingback studded flat.

As for a dupe of the white ballet pump, there’s very little that rivals Alaïa’s.

While it doesn’t have the same embellished effect, Zara does have a sequinned white pump that looks like it could be in the same family as its Strass Lambskin counterpart, and it’ll only set you back €29.95.

I, personally, have never been a fan of ballet pumps. However, seeing them on guests at LFW has just revealed to me how easily influenced I am because the longer I look at these embellished pumps, the more I start to come around to them.

I’m unsure if it’s the brand, the look, the way they’ve been styled at LFW, or the building hype around these shoes, but I find myself considering a wardrobe conversion to ballet pumps.