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01st Mar 2024

‘Not every day is a good day’ – Miriam Mullins on using her platform for good

Kat O'Connor

Miriam Mullins

Her’s Digital Cover Star for March is influencer and radio presenter Miriam Mullins

Miriam Mullins was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars way earlier than we ever expected her to be. The influencer’s star shone during her time on the show, but she was eliminated after just a handful of weeks. Miriam never got a chance to show her true potential, but the future is looking bright for Her’s Digital Cover Star for March.

We recently met up with the influencer to talk all about dealing with failure, focusing on the positive and the importance of using her platform for the better.

Miriam said being part of Dancing with the Stars was one of the standout moments of her career so far. She said it may sound like a cliche but joining the RTÉ show was a major learning curve for her. Miriam reflected on the lessons learned and skills she developed during the dancing competition.

“You know what, it was actually the best experience ever like I would do it all again. We’re all like family, we genuinely are. Everyone is really close.

“We grew close so quickly like some of us lived in the same apartment block so you’re like working together, and kind of living together too. Even though we were only together for a couple of weeks we all just clicked like family.

Miriam would have loved extra time with her Dancing with the Stars family but it wasn’t meant to be. She said being eliminated early was difficult to deal with but she has dealt with it with such grace.

“It’s so important to show that like not every day is a good day”

The social media star was beautifully honest about how her elimination impacted her mental health, but that honesty is what’s so important to Miriam. She said using her platform in a raw and real way is key, no matter how big her following is.

“It’s so important to show that like not every day is a good day. We all go through tough times, especially this time of year too like coming out of winter. 


“It’s such a weird time of year and you’re weighed down with the pressure of the new year and you’re trying to figure everything out. When you have a young audience, it’s so important to show that we all go through bad times. Everything is not that picture-perfect.

Miriam has often shared moving advice and words of wisdom with her followers, but there is one piece of advice that she lives by. She explained that she doesn’t stress about things that aren’t meant for her because life will always lead you down the right path.

The power of using your platform for good

She told her followers, “Keep being your true self and everything that happens will happen for a reason. That’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey like just go with the flow. 

One thing that’s incredibly important to Miriam is living in the moment because you don’t know what life is going to throw at you.

There’s no doubt the radio presenter has difficult days but reminding herself that there’s “always something on the horizon” helps keep Miriam going on the hard days. 

As a well-known influencer, Miriam has had to deal with trolling, despite being such an empowering and uplifting presence in the social media world. The influencer said social media companies should protect their creators more because they’re dealing with waves of negative and toxic remarks and it can take a toll on you.


People believe what they see online and you can’t go on and defend yourself because explaining is like losing. You know it isn’t the truth but social media companies should protect the people who create content for them.

Miriam said the best thing she does to protect herself from trolls is to avoid those negative and cruel comments, whether they’re in her DMs or on other social media channels. I always knew when I started out that things like this would happen, but not everyone will like you and people will get jealous.

“I just think if you’re happy in your life then you wouldn’t do something like that. You wouldn’t. It’s just a reflection of the person who is trolling you and they have no idea about the real you.”

“These people go online and spread these harsh words, but they’re just projecting online as a way to deal with stuff and sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is ignore it.”


Miriam said life is all about surrounding yourself with people who make you feel happy, empowered, and like the best version of yourself. 

“The people who I surround myself with are successful because they’re nice and kind people who would never do that.

With a strong circle of friends, a positive attitude, and a wave of supporters around the world, there’s no doubt that Miriam’s star is only going to rise and we cannot wait to see what’s on the horizon for her.

Shot on location at NYX Hotel, Portobello Harbour, Dublin

Makeup by Cian Macken and Hair by Kon Kelly

Images by Her’s Amber O’Shea with behind the Scenes content by Tríona Collins