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06th Jun 2024

Netflix viewers in for a treat as new Harlan Coben series gets major announcement

Charlie Herbert

Some big stars have been added to the cast

At the start of this year, there was one show on everyone’s lips: Fool Me Once. The latest Harlan Coben series landed on Netflix and quickly soared up the charts, eventually becoming one of the streaming platform’s most watched shows ever.

And the moment people finished bingeing it, they were clamouring for the next Harlan Coben series adaptation.

Netflix duly obliged and soon announced that it was producing another two English-language adaptations of Coben’s books: Missing You and Runaway.

Missing You follows Detective Kat Donovan whose fiancé Josh (Walters) disappeared 11 years ago, and she’s never heard from him since. “Now, swiping profiles on a dating app, she suddenly sees his face and her world explodes all over again,” according to the plot description. “Josh’s reappearance will force her to dive back into the mystery surrounding her father’s murder and uncover long-buried secrets from her past.”

Production on the series got underway in spring, and Netflix had already confirmed some of the cast for the project. Coben series stalwart Richard Armitage will be starring, alongside the likes of Rosalind Eleazar, Jessica Plummer, Steve Pemberton, Lisa Faulkner and Mary Malone.

Meanwhile, Sex Education star Samantha Spiro and comedy legend Sir Lenny Henry will also feature in the series.

Now, more star names have been added to the cast.

Top Boy star Ashley Walters will be playing the role of Josh in the series, whilst James Nesbitt will appear as ‘Calligan.’ This will be the second time the Scot has appeared in a Coben series, having appeared in 2021’s Stay Close.

Executive Producers for Quay Street Productions, Nicola Shindler and Richard Fee said: “We’re delighted to have Victoria Asare-Archer adapting Harlan’s brilliant book for Netflix. Missing You is a thrilling ride with a huge heart and we have a wonderful cast to bring it to life.”

And Victoria Asare-Archer added: “Kat Donovan was a thrill to write – she’s such a brilliantly messy, complicated woman. I’m really excited that we have a hugely talented ensemble cast on board – it’s a dream! I can’t wait to see them dive into Harlan’s world.”