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21st Feb 2024

One Day author reveals what happens to Dexter Mayhew in the future

Kat O'Connor

Does Dexter Mayhew from One Day ever get a happy ending?

We’ve all cried like babies over the new One Day series on Netflix, right?

If, like me, you’ve been constantly thinking about the emotional but devastating Netflix adaptation then fear not, I’ve got some good news about Dexter Mayhew.

The lead character was left heartbroken following the untimely death of his true love, Emma Morley.

But does Dexter ever get a happy ending?

The end of One Day sees the single dad climbing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh with his daughter Jazz. As he returns to the spot where he once sat with Emma, Dexter reflects on their love story.

However, as the series ends, we are left wondering whatever happens to the charming Englishman.

Luckily, the author of the bestselling novel has confirmed how Dexter’s life turns out.

Responding to one fan on Instagram, David confirmed that he thinks about the characters a lot.

“I think about this a lot and the good news is – I think he’s fine, a good father, steady and successful,” Nicholls wrote.

“Sometimes a flirt and a fool, but definitely happy,” he added.

Knowing Dexter’s life turns out well has made up for all the tears we cried following that devastating finale. If only he got to spend the rest of his life with Emma Morley.

All 14 episodes of One Day are available on Netflix.